Make Potato Fries, Low Fire Direct Frying Method

Making potato fries may involve, frying over high flame for about one minute or until soft, draining off excess oil, freezing and deep frying on medium to high flame for five minutes while still frozen. The steps result to unique french fries texture – crispy outside and soft inner.  See “How to Make French Fries” for more information.

What if I want to discard freezing and the second deep frying? Could I still make a crunchy soft potato fries?

The answer is yes. Here are the finalized tips after several trial and error runs.

1) Select potatoes. Wash to remove adhering dirt and soils. Peel off the skin.

peeled potatoes2) Slice to desired stick sizes. Perhaps a size similar to regular french fries.

potato sticks3) Add cooking oil to Teflon pan – to prevent potato sticking to pan in case something went wrong.

4) Set the fire to medium. Begin adding slices when a single stick in oil is producing bubbles rapidly.

5) Stir gently for about one minute then set the flame to low. Then continue frying for another 19 minutes.  Twenty minutes low fire frying is needed to attain the crunchy soft texture.

6) Optional, sprinkle flavor of choice.

potato fries

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