Pricking Siopao With A Toothpick

My favorite buy every time I go to plaza was a double patties burger. As usual I was going to buy two orders of burger. Hooppss. I noticed there was a new food stand beside the burger store. The new store is selling siopao etc… The siopao is buy one take one, just like the buy one take one burger. I suddenly had a change of appetite and went to siopao store instead.

All the large siopao are on a large double boiler / steamer. This is necessary to keep them always hot for customer orders. I asked for two orders but I had to wait for 10 minutes. No cooked siopao at the time. The crew said cooking time is approximately ten minutes.

While waiting, the crew was pricking the siopao regularly with a toothpick. I was curious so I asked why. She replied, pricking is necessary to check for doneness. The siopao is ready to serve when the bread never sticks to toothpick.

I never know how to cook siopao yet but I plan to try in near future. I think these two bits of information are good start. The ten minutes steaming time and pricking with a toothpick to check for doneness.


2 Replies to “Pricking Siopao With A Toothpick”

  1. Siopao is delivered to stalls/outlets are precooked and frozen they just reheat it to serve it hot.They prick it just to test it if the fillings are not cold and ready to serve.

  2. It’s like baking a cake. The outside might look done, but when you prick it with a toothpick, raw batter clings to the toothpick. It shows that the inside is still uncooked.

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