The Fried Mushroom | Pritong Kabute

I woke up early and rush to the nearby university farm area. Gonna get some mushrooms. I know every point at which mushrooms sprout.  Early bird catches the worm, so early man will get more mushrooms. Haste was needed cause I was not the only one looking for it.  I got about a kilo. I left it on table. Ginisang kabute was enough for lunch. Some leftover will be for dinner.

Then I left for school classes.

When I came back I saw one of my classmates inside the boarding house. She was frying something. Probably it was  chicken. I judged it based on smell. I looked closer and I saw that she was frying mushrooms, the mushrooms I got earlier.

She told me that fried kabute is so good, it taste like chicken. I agreed to her but it was too bad, she never left any for us.

Recently, kabute have started sprouting again. Brother and mother often bring home lots of mushrooms. My former classmate, the one frying kabute, suddenly came to my mind. Its now time to have a taste of pritong kabute.

I grabbed some mushrooms from mother’s bayong, Removed the adhering soils and dirts. Peeled the cap. Washed and dried. Cut to desired sizes and fried in cooking oil until golden brown.

Mushroom cap taste really delectable. It is indeed taste like fried chicken. Stem is tasty too but cap has better flavor. The taste is even better when dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and calamansi.

kabute with adhering soils

peeling mushroom capa

peeled kabute mushrooms

fried kabute

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