How to Make Dried Onions

You can dry your surplus onions for future use.

Varieties with pungent flavour are the most appreciated; both coloured and white onions may be used.

After removing the tops, roots and outer integuments, onions are washed thoroughly and then cut into slices of 3 mm thick. It is preferable to cut at right angles to the core of the onions. After cutting onion slices are carefully washed. Blanching is not practiced (it makes the onion lose its flavour).

The use of preservatives is not necessary; therefore, after washing and draining, the slices are spread evenly on the trays of a dryer. The onions are dried when the ration of prepared raw material to dry product is about 9:1 (moisture content about 5%).

The dried product may be ground into powder (which tend to agglutinate without any anticaking agent).
The dryer used for onions must be reserved especially for onion (flavour / odour contamination possible to other products).


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