How to Make Dried Okra

Young tender pods are preferred.

* The pods may be dried whole, in the form of slices (about 6 mm thick) or in halves cut lengthwise.

The pods are washed thoroughly to remove dirt. Both end are trimmed and any discoloured or damaged tissue is removed.

For preservation purposes and in order to keep the green colour, blanching is carried out: the product is dipped for 3 minutes in boiling water containing 50 g salt per litre of water. The blanched okras can then be washed with cold water to remove the slimy material produced by boiling.

The product is then sulphited by dipping for 3 minutes in a solution containing 3 g potassium metabisulphite per litre of water.

The product is then drained and finally placed on the trays of a dryer. The okras are dry when the prepared raw material/dry product ratio is about 12:1 (moisture content 4-5%).

Cooling, packaging, labelling and storage are carried out as recommended for the other finished products.


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