Instrument for Rapid Moisture and Protein Determination

What you see is a parcel of instrument that has been grabbing most of my time. I cannot show full pictures yet as the patenting is underway. The process may take up to a year so please bear with me.

predicted moisture contentThe instrument works like this on the user point of view. The in-charge has to get a representative sample from batch. Place it in glass type sample holder. Install the sample cap with the sample on top of instrument. Click the command “scan” and the moisture or protein content of the sample will be displayed on the computer screen after approximately six seconds. It sounds too good to be true but it is indeed real!

The instrument gets rid of laborious and often long sample preparations. No grinding of sample and mixing of expensive chemicals. Chemicals that are often harmful to human and environment, a.k.a hydrochloric acid, mercury and ammonia and sulfuric acid. The instrument is easy to use. Almost anybody with average educational background can operate the equipment after short orientation. It performs rapid analysis that could be made faster by in-line process installation.

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