Getting the Top Secret Recipe

You and neighbor are selling the same kind of stuff. You both sell lugaw. You have noticed that more and more customers are coming to his place. On the other hand, your own venture is barely surviving. You have done all the efforts but still can’t win many customers. Why?

Maybe his place is better than yours. Repair your place. Replace broken furnitures, do a painting job, install ceramic floor tiles and buy new electric fans.  Maybe his service is better than yours. Attend seminars to learn the better ways of serving customers. Train your employees as well. Maybe his cooking is better than yours. Then do the hard work to get the same. Get his top secret recipe or make your own even more delectable.

Attend cooking classes. This is great way to hone cooking skills. Learn techniques from veteran chefs. Earn new friends and exchange ideas. You might get what you want by a simple conversation.

Spy. A friend or relative of yours might be working in competitor’s business. You might get some useful information if lucky.

Be Friends. Make friends with your competitor. He might be willing to share! You’ll never know unless you try.

Practice your sense of taste. Learn how each ingredient taste. It requires a lot of time and patience though.

A friend of mine is able to deduce the ingredients used in a certain dish by using his tongue. He could also tell what is more and what should be added for improvement. Amazing!

Research. Collect, read and try every recipe. If you are interested on lugaw then get all the recipe variations available in magazines, books, pamphlets and internet. Try them all and compare. Combine recipes and compare.

Create more offerings. Creating other recipe is fun. It gives more opportunity to earn, relax and save you from boredom. There are things you cannot get no matter how much you struggle.

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