The Red Rice Suman Sa Gata

Not quite sure but it seems the red rice I previously bought is glutenous rice. How my auntie used this red rice suggests it is really is. I heard she used it to make tibok-tibok, a sweeteened rice similar to suman but takes the shape of a pancake. Few reading materials further suggest that it is.

I thought it would be better if I make some native delicacy out of it. I tried it for suman sa gata.

– 625 red rice, the amount left after the first trial
– two medium coconuts, it would be more than enough to achieved a rich coconut milk taste.
– salt to taste

I followed the procedure for making suman sa gata. Adjusted the coconut milk to water ratio from 5:4 to 7:5, the ratios were based on volume.  My wife told me this red rice needs more water than normal. Adjustment should be done to cook properly.

Thirty minutes have passed, the rice became plumbed and all the liquid was almost absorbed. However, the cooking process was far from over. It was not even half-cooked. I took few grains for a test, it was still crunchy hard. I also noticed the slightly sour taste.

I added more water to continue cooking. I added more and more until the liquid to rice ratio became 15:5 or 3:1. I knew the red rice requires more water to cook but I never expected this much.

I took me almost three hours to achieve the very tacky consistency. It could be shorter if I was aware of the exact ratio.

I wrapped them in banana leaves. Tied in packs of two and boiled for 30 minutes.

steamed red rice suman

The time and effort I spent cooking paid well. The suman I made taste superb. It is far superior than any other suman I have eaten.

unwrapped red rice suman

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