Roasted Ham Empanada

The ham I used for this recipe was given to us as Christmas gift. We are cutting down on fatty foods so it went sleeping inside refrigerator for over two months.

She took it out and we felt like it . I never want a fried ham though. I never want to add more oil to fatty foods so I decided to cook it over the grill and wrapped with some dough.


1) Slice ham. Roast it over low ember for five to ten minutes. Too much heat will cause burning of sugar component. Let cool. Chop to small pieces.

roasting pork ham

2) Prepare the dough. Mix one egg for every two cups of first class bread flour. Knead – add small amount of water as necessary. I am not well versed with flour types yet. I chose first class guessing it will be the best for empanada.

3) Get a small portion and flatten with a rolling pin. Make it thin and about the size of pastry puff maker.

chopped ham on dough

4) Open the pastry puff maker. Lay over the flattened dough. Make a dent on center and place enough chopped ham. Close the puff maker to stick dough edges. Remove empanada and trim the excess with scissors.

formed empanada

5) Roast it over low ember heat. Turn it slightly every one minute. Roasted empanada should be ready after about 15 minutes. It should be roasted cause I roasted the ham earlier. Frying the empanada will render the step number “1” useless.

roasting empanada

My roasted ham empanada turned out great. It would be greater if I never forgot its good partner, the cheese.


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