How to Roast Cashew Nuts Without Shells

Recently, she  bought eight pieces cashew. I never asked for the cost. All I knew was I ate all of them. I ate all the cashew apples and stored the seeds. It contain the very expensive cashew nuts.

Speaking of the expensive cashew nuts. We used to broil them when we were young. However, broiling is a very hard thing to do. Literally, broiling is easy. We set several woods on fire. Then eliminate all flames when embers are enough. Place all seeds over the embers and wait until it burn. Liquid will start exuding out and burn soon enough. Remove seeds when all coverings are charred. Overdoing it will render the nuts inedible. No one wants to eat charred nuts. Then seeds are pound gently to remove the coal and get the deliciously roasted cashew nuts.

The whole method seems easy. So what make it hard. Broiling cashew seeds is a no no in our place. They believe it can cause chicken illness, might be a cold. Father was raising native chickens to earn a living. We can hide somewhere to do the cooking but the process emit a strong irritating smoke. Father and mother will surely caught us. They will scold us and hit our hips several times with a thin bamboo piece. That will surely hurt.

Now, I have eight pieces of cashew seeds. I cannot broil it over the ember. My brother and cousin are raising cocks and bantam chickens. They will surely get angry if I do.

Cashew shells really contain skin irritant. Its smoke is irritating too.

What I did.

1) I got a heavy knife and cut the seeds to halves one by one. Cutting it was hard. Should be carefully done or my fingers will be caught by knife blade. It would be easier if someone can fabricate a cutting machine.

2) Then removed the nut by forcing it out with the use of knife tip. It took me almost 15 minutes removing nuts from eight seeds. I was disappointed because some nuts were damaged.

3) I roasted the nuts over a pan using a low heat. Proper heat application will removed the irritating liquid. No traces of the substance were visible after ten minutes. So I stopped the roasting and let it cool.

cashew nut removal

unroasted cashew nuts

The taste is really good but I think our old way or roasting is still the best.


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  • Your story is very true. In Batangas that was also the usual thing to broil a cashew nut at old folks prohibit us to broil if there were chickens around.

    I encounter a press release several years ago, if I am not mistaken, by DA’s attached agency BPHRE? (Bu. of Post Harvest) of a cashew cracker patterned after Vietnam. I lost already the clippings in my wallet.

    I think that is the best next thing to crack a cashew nut, since it is very hard to manually slice it or cracked it.

    Just for your info.

    My best regards,


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