The Salted and Turmeric Flavored Banana Chips

This recipe was in, “Soaking Raw Banana Slices in Salted Ice Water”. I tried it for myself, replacing turmeric powder with real turmeric.


10 saba bananas, green
cooking oil for frying
turmeric, about the size of a thumb
salt to taste


1) Remove green banana peels by prying it off with a stainless steel knife. It is hard and slow for the first few but will eventually get easier and faster with practice. Using regular non-stainless steel knife leaves undesirable blue stains.

2) Drop peeled bananas in salted iced water. Then slice to 2mm thickness. Take care not to make it too salty as it will reflect in final flavor. A guided peeler knife helps attain uniform slices.

peeled whole bananas in iced water3) Shred the turmeric. Add it to mixture. Mix well. Let stand for ten minutes. Drain well.

banana slices turmeric in salted ice water4) Fry slices in oil over high heat until crunchy golden yellow to slightly golden brown. Drain excess oil.

frying raw banana slicessalted banana chips with turmericIt has a unique and peculiar taste. I enjoyed eating it even though I like it more plain.

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