Making Quality Salted Eggs in Autoclaved Clay Method

making quality salted eggs brochureStep by Step Process:

1. Select 250 pieces fresh, clean and crack-free eggs.
2. Candle the eggs to assure its freshness and freeness from cracks and deterioration.

Egg candling is a process in which eggs, one at a time, are placed against a small hole with radiating light to asses its condition. It is used to determine which duck egg is penoy and which is balut.

3. Wash the selected eggs with soap and water.
4. Pulverize 1 1/2 kg clay then heat in an autoclave for one hour. Mix  with 1 1/2 kg salt. The mixture is good for 250 duck eggs.

I am guessing, autoclaving is done to eliminate unwanted micro-organisms that may interfere with the process or cause eggs to stale. Autoclave pressure is not indicated.

5. Add enough cooled boiled water to the autoclaved clay and salt mixture. Mix well until mixture becomes muddy in consistency.
6. Coat eggs individually with clay mixture.
7. Arrange coated eggs in containers like pail, big clay pot or box. Cover with cellophane. Cure for 20 days.
8. Wash eggs thoroughly. Separate cracked eggs.
9. Boil eggs in medium fire for four hours.
10. Cool eggs then arrange in egg trays. Separate cracked eggs.
11. Store at room temperature. Expected shelf life is about eight weeks.

Technology was extracted from the study: Shelf-life Evaluation of Salted Eggs Cured by Different Processing Methods. Study conducted by J.M.Datuin, B.O.Ronduen, V.B. Obsioma, R.B. Niebres, J.H.B. Tandoc and J.V. Catama.

For more info, contact:
Jovita G. Malicdem-Datuin, Ph.D.
Agricultural Center Chief III
CP: 09083998946

Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Unit I
Ilocos Integrated Agricultural Research Center (ILIARC)
Tel# /Fax:(072)719-0189

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  1. Good day po Dr. Jovita G. Malicdem-Datuin interested po ako matutu ng Duck Raising lalo na po sa Itik Pinas, Balut making at salted egg process. saan po ba pwedeng magkaroon ng proper training nito?

    Thank po Doc,

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