Cooking Scallops, From Sangkutsa, Adobo…

She said it was shallop several times but I did not believe. There was no such thing  as shallop so it could not be. The nearest term was scallop and I said it was scallop without a second thought. I was right in the end.

scallopsScallops by the definition belong to clam family. A relative of halaan and kabibe. However, I never saw were this pieces of scallop meats came from. I never know how it look like inside the shell. Whether every piece is a whole meat from a single clam or cut from a long strand. The scallop side looks like button mushroom halves and I might really think they are if I never know its name.

Taste like halaan but has lesser flavor. There is a commodity which has a quite similar flavor but I can’t remember what it is.

The sangkutsang (pre-cooked) scallops tasted great. I has only water and a little fish sauce as ingredient.

sangkutsang scallopShe cooked a separate batch as adobo. The end was acceptable but I think she added to much soy sauce that masked the natural scallop flavor.

adobong scallopThe vegetable with very less condiment cooked by sis tasted great too. scallops with veggies

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