Santol and Pakwan Peels on TV

I left home about 7:30 a.m. but came back 12:30 a.m. of the next morning. I took the long and heavy traffic ride from Indang to GMA-Kamuning MRT Station. Thanked goodness, the electronically operated train was fast moving.

The tropical storm Helen was coming hastily to northern Luzon. I was hesitant to come. I was afraid I might end up stranded on my way back. The late international storm Haikui brought a widespread flood in the metro and nearby provinces. Lots of houses were destroyed and lots of people abandoned their homes. The storm Helen might caused the same situation. I took the risk for the sake of palabra de honor.

Someone asked me If I was available for a feature shoot for television segment. If ever, I was going to demonstrate two products making, the nata de pakwan and the santol peel candy.

Santol peel candy is made of thick rind which is usually thrown away. Nata de pakwan is not a real nata, it is just a sweetened pakwan rind. I got excited after the experiment and spontaneously called it nata de pakwan. I am sorry fellow food technologists!

The shooting commenced. The superhero named Super Peel was looking for ways to use peels. Using his super senses, he found Marvin Vicedo and asked his assistance in making sweetened peel products…  In the end, Super Peel liked the two products.

The super hero left to do his next two missions. Finding people who use peels for art making and for beauty purposes.

The shoot started about one p.m. and finished about six p.m. The ride back home took more than six hours due to heavy traffic between Diosdado Macapagal Road and Coastal Road Bacoor exit.

Watch the segment!

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