How to Make Santol Fruit Enzyme

bangkok santol fruit

How much is the price of santol per piece? Sorry! I never know. But I have the idea of the pricing per sack. Based from what I heard the cost per sack ranges from 150 to 200 pesos for the large variety or bangkok. Pricing of small and sour varieties is lower. The cost go as low as 50 pesos per sack during peak season. I am talking about the farm gate cost. Father never do harvesting when the price go lower than 50.

Pricing scheme might be different in your location.

Why do santol fruit has a low value? Because this fruit has low processing potential. Sweet santol is delicious but processing is hard, especially the juice extraction. The fruit has a thick non-juicy rind. Opening it will reveal the large seeds covered with pulp. The yummy pulp can be enjoyed only by sucking the whole seed. I never heard of any technology able separate the juice or pulp from seed. Seeds are very bitter and might contaminate the juice when subjected to mechanical process. Pressing it in a cheese cloth inappropriate either.

Is there a way to extract santol juice? I think there is a way, turn it to a fruit enzyme. My setup for dragon fruit peel enzyme is on going. I noticed that peel juice is extracted naturally from the pulp.

I setup my experiment for this.  I made a fruit santol fruit enzyme.

I peeled the santol using a sharp knife. I  left some soft skin. Cut it gently sideward and upward until the whole fruit looked like a patches of cubes.

peel santol fruit

I separated the seeds and arrange it in a glass jar. The fruit to sugar ratio and layering style is similar to dragon fruit enzyme.

santol fruit packed in jar

santol fruit enzyme

See the results!

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