How To Make Santol Peels Candy

This is an extension and a modified version of sweetened santol peels, the sweetened dried santol peels or the santol peels candy.

Step by step…

1) Wash santol. This is necessary cause the rough outer skin will be included. Wash thoroughly to remove all adhering dirts.

2) Cut to halves taking care not to cut the seeds. Santol seeds are extremely bitter. Chewing such was one of the punishment during our COCC ROTC training. I guessed it’s not poisonous cause all of us are still alive and kicking.

3) Scoop out the seeds and the soft part of the rind. Use it for making santol enzyme or santol wine.

soaking santol rind in water

4) Soak the rind in clean water to prevent too much browning reaction. Slice it thinly, about three to five millimeter thick to facilitate rapid sugar absorption during cooking.

weighing santol peel slices

5) In a pan, add 500 ml water, 250 grams brown sugar and 250 grams sliced peels. Let boil over low flame for 40 minutes or until half part of the rind become translucent. The part starting from rough outer skin toward the middle is harder. More time is needed for sugar to penetrate this part.

boiling santol peels in syrup

6) Drain excess syrup. Arrange the slices in trays and dry under the sun for two to three days.

draining excess syrup

sun drying santol peels

The excess syrup has sweet and sour taste. Use it for:

a) juice – as sweetener for other fruit juice or just dilute it with enough water to achieve the right blend.

b) cooking second batch – Get the soluble solid reading before and after cooking. Do the MATH and adjust accordingly.

and c) …

Note: Removing the superficial outer skin is an option. See, “A Way to Remove Santol Superficial Skin”.

4 Replies to “How To Make Santol Peels Candy”

  1. Thank you so much Sir! I’ve tried making those sweet santol peels and I’m planning to make it a business. They really taste very good!Hope you can also help me how to do the right mark up or pricing.Thanks again!

    1. Try comparing the price to sweetened dried mango. Lower it later if it’s too much. A higher pricing makes it more decent and attractive to higher class markets.

  2. Hi Sir. Thanks for the info & recipe. Do I need to add food preservatives to lengthen its shelf-life? If I should, can you please tell me what it is and how much should be the amount or proportion to be added. Thank you very much!Continue the good work!More power to you!

    1. Thanks!

      No need to add preservative. The sugar itself is adequate as preserving agent. It’s going to last for a year or two if sufficiently dried and kept in good packaging.

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