Seafood Sinigang


1/4 kilo shrimp
1/4 kilo mussels
1 bundle kangkong leaves
1 raddish, slices
5 okra, cut
4 eggplant, slices
2 tomato, quartered
1 bulb onion, slices
1 thumb size ginger, slices
1 green chili or siling panigang
1 sachet sinigang mix or tamarind powder
->using natural tamarind is recommended<-
fish sauce to taste
2 cups water

Cooking Procedures:

Clean shrimp and mussels. Set aside. In a casserole, pour water and add tomato, onion and ginger. Boil for ten minutes. Add vegetables ingredients except kangkong leaves. Continue boiling. Add oysters and shrimp. Pour one sachet of sinigang mix powder. Season with fish sauce to taste. Boil for five minutes. Add young kangkong leaves and simmer. Serve hot.

seafood sinigang



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