How to Make Boneless Bangus (Milkfish Deboning)

How to make boneless bangus according Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources,BFAR

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1. Wash the fish.
2. Split the fish, butterfly style.
3. Remove the internal organs, gills, blood and slime. Then wash the fish thoroughly.
4. Remove the backbone and dorsal fins by means of a sharp knife.
5. With the use of forceps, remove the spines at the belly cavity. This can done easily because the spiner are superficially embedded.
6. Debone.


Make a superficial slit along the dent of the dorsal and ventral muscles with the edge of a knife. Removes spines one after the other by inserting the pair of forceps between the segments of the dorsal and ventral muscles.

Continue removing the spines in similar manner on the dorsal and ventral areas until all spines are eliminated.

From the dorsal portion, there are approximately 44 branching spines embedded between the muscles segments. Starting from the nape along the lateral line 22 spines are embedded and along the ventral muscles are 24 spines.

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please report a broken video

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    1. Most of them are ordinary kitchen equipment. The tweezers for removing bones can be an ordinary or a medical grade forceps capable of pulling lines of bones quickly. Get forceps from drugstore or medical supplies.

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