How to Make Fish Siomai Barbecue, Inihaw na Siomai

grilled fish siomai

Good foods are discovered through experimentation. A lot of good things are discovered through conducting weird experiments.

I have a left-over fish siomai in refrigerator. I cooked fish siomai on my previous blog post. I also have a ready marinade and barbecue sticks. I asked her “What if I grill these siomai?”. She replied that siomai should not be broiled, deep frying will do. She also added the she can’t imagine the resulting flavor.

I don’t want to take extra fat from deep frying so I still proceed in grilling the yummy fish siomai. I pricked the siomai through the barbecue sticks, brush with some marinade and grilled it on charcoal stove.  I also used the same marinade for grilling isaw and dugo. The grilling process almost last for 30 minutes, turning side and brushing with marinade every two minutes.

siomai and isaw

Here are the freshly grilled fish siomai or fish siomai barbecue.

grilled fish siomai

She and my younger sister comments: The taste is great. The molo wrapper is crispy. The whole fish shiomai barbecue became for delectable.


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