The Ginataang Kuhol at Laing

It is just an ordinary ginataang laing but with kuhol/snail as another main ingredient.

ginataang kuhol laingGolden kuhol are very popular but the kuhol below are not golden kuhol. They are native kuhol commonly seen in spring water and riversides. Snails climb up the grasses and can be hand picked one by one. Another method of gathering is by passing fine net through muddy water bottom.

After harvesting, the kuhol should be washed in several changes of water to removed adhering dirt. They should not be left in water for long period. They are live organisms and will slowly walk their way out.

Like the paiti shells, the kuhol pointed end is cut before cooking to facilitate easy meat removal.

Cooked kuhol is a real finger food. Anyone should hold the shell, kiss the wide opening and suck it forcefully.

empty kuhol shells


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