The Rare, Long and Heavy Igat

A man was walking on the street with a long and heavy fish on his right arm. Where did it come from? Maybe he bought it or he was the one selling. Caught it from river by any means. I was interested but thought it was too expensive.

The fish was about as tall as his son and weighed more than three kilograms.

the shy boy and the big igat

A freshly caught fish. I touched it! Slippery skin, firm body, normal fishy smell and tiger look eyes. It seemed telling me, “Bring me back to river water and I will spare your life. Scary!

How much?

The man said 250 pesos per kilo. It was about three kilograms, more or less. So the total cost was 750 pesos.

My first bid was 400 pesos. A price nearing to more than half. He said no. I never increased the bid cause I was not eager (obviously). He sold it later for 700 pesos to Dr. Ruel Mojica. Only 50 pesos off from the original but still very cheap, considering igat recipes are very delicious and sought by many.

dr ruel mojica inspecting the igatWhere and how did he get the fish?

The man said, he was fishing for a catfish using an ordinary bamboo fishing rod. A catfish bit the bait and he pulled the rod up. However, before the fish surfaced, the big and long igat suddenly rushed from nowhere and grabbed the catfish. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. He caught two fish with one bait. How lucky!


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