Three Things I Never Like About Fish

I eat fish a lot. In fact, I like it better than pork, beef and chicken. Maybe for health reasons. The latter three are often related to health problems while the first one is often not. Even if I am eating fish a lot, there are three things I never like…

1) Lots of fishbones.  Whenever our menu includes fish, I am telling my wife to be very careful in feeding our toddler. I never want him to be a victim of fishbone pricking. It is painful and or very uncomfortable.

I have uncountable experiences of fishbone dislodging in my throat. Those experiences have made expert in fishbone sorting using my eye and fingers, and mouth senses while  chewing the meal. I am eating slowly whenever the meal includes fish, but a fishbone still slips every now and then.

2) Disagreeable smell. It is the normal fish smell, malansa. It is not nice but not a big problem to deal with.  It can be remedied easily by cooking. For the species with persistent hard-to-remove smell, a spice such as ginger is an easy solution.

3) Degrading flavor.  Fish is best when fresh. The unfrozen fish from public market taste great when sprinkled with salt and fried in a golden cooking oil. The same fish, if frozen before frying taste far below the first.  The fried fish by morning will have a different taste by lunch. Its not for the better but for worse.

I am not discouraging anyone from eating fish dishes. What I mentioned are negatives that could be remedied by appropriate processing technologies.

broiled milkfish with tomato ginger garlic


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