Pinangat na Tulingan with Pork Back Fat and Kamias

The recipe uses kamias as souring agent instead of vinegar. Other sour tasting fruits can be used as replacement, such as mango, tamarind and santol. Different fruit ingredient will result in a different flavor.

Addition of pork back fat and slow cooking procedure give this recipe its unique and delicious taste.

Technology advancement is slowly facing out the slow cooking methods. Fast cooking equipments are microwave oven, pressure cooker and turbo broiler. Using those fast cooker never do any harm but we must not forget our slow cooking traditions.

2 tulingan fish, medium
10 dried kamias
1 cup pork back fat, sliced
1 cup water
2 teaspoons salt

1) Make a shallow slice on each side of the. This will allow better penetration of flavors.
2) Arrange in pot and add the rest of ingredients. Place banana leaves on top and cover the pot.
3) Cook over a very low fire for one hour or over.

pinangat na tulingan

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