How to Make Hot-Smoked Nile Tilapia

Tilapia is one of my favorite fish ( the other are galungong and bangus) but eating it fried or sinigang can be boring, especially if you are seeing it regularly or dinner table.

fresh caught tilapia

This technology developed by M. F. Angeles, D. D. Bernardo, F. N. Dimero and F. M. Heralde III is a great addition to your daily menu.

Scales, gills and entrails of fish were removed and fish samples were washed. The fish was soaked in 10% brine for 1 hour to leach out as much of the blood and slime. Then the fish samples were washed with fresh water. The fish were immersed in 60% brine for 1 hour. The fish was then steam blanched for 10-15 min.

The fish were placed on oiled wooden trays and were air-dried for 30 min. Prior to smoking, the fish were rubbed with vegetable oil. The fish were placed in smoke house at temperature between 70-80oC, for two hours. Charcoal was used as fuel in smoking with the addition of sawdust on top to produce a dense smoke.

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  1. Need to have details on Tilapia for the following with specific reference to kenya

    1. Processing
    2. Preservation
    3. value addition
    4. markets & marketing

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