How To Make Tilapia Ice Cream

After scaring you of what could be the bad effects of eating tilapia fish to your health, here is a reason to temporarily forget what the previous article said.

The Tilapia Ice Cream. It is not the usual ice cream you are familiar with. You may find it interesting. Or think the fish should only be partnered with rice.

Things similar to this excites me. Very few have the courage to try things that are beyond the norms.

This unique ice cream was invented by Professor Dana G. Vera Cruz of the College of Home Science and Industry of the Central Luzon State University (CHSI-CLSU).

Here is how to make tilapia ice cream as published by PCAARD-DOST.

1) Steam the tilapia fillet.
2) Chop the walnut, dice the cheese, then set aside.
3) Beat the all-purpose cream in medium speed. Add the condensed milk while stirring.
4) Flake the steamed tilapia fillet, add to the mixture, and continue beating until thick and fluffy.
5) Add the walnut and cheese while continuously beating until the last ingredients are completely incorporated into the mixture.
6) Stir slowly the mixture while cooling in order to incorporate air and prevent large ice crystals from forming.
7) Freeze overnight the smoothly textured semi-solid foam product.

After freezing, the tilapia ice cream can be enjoyed in a sugar wafer cone.

I have never tasted it yet. I am hoping I can find time making some for myself and family.

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