How to Make Tinapang Balatan, Smoke-Dried Sea Cucumber

I just read this technology on DOST website. This a featured story published by DOST-OSIST, One Stop Shop for Technologist in the Philippines.  I knew about this sea cucumber since I was in elementary school but I never knew that it is edible.  Here is the short technology:

sea cucumber balatan


In processing sea cucumbers, fresh sea cucumbers are boiled for 3-5 minutes. A slit about 2-3 cm long is cut on the belly portion of the sea cucumber to remove the dirt and entrails. Afterwhich, the sea cucumbers are boiled for another 10-20 minutes. To remove the calcareous substances that adhere or are attached to their skin, the boiled sea cucumbers are cleaned with 200 g of papaya leaves. After cleaning, the sea cucumbers are washed in water
with 5% alum. They are then smoked, sundried and packed prior to marketing.

I never know how it taste like. Somebody tell me please! I hope the smoked sea cucumber is locally available here in our town so I can take some.

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