Shallot Processing; Pickles, Chips, Powder and Confit

ilocos shallot processing brochureIlocos Shallot Pickles

1 kg shallot  bulbs
100 g table salt
900 ml distilled white vinegar
200 g white sugar

1) Clean and sort shallot bulbs according to size.
2) Soak shallot bulbs in water for 2-3 hours and wash thoroughly.
3) Peel shallots and remove the roots. Weigh and wash thoroughly.
4) Mix salt and peeled shallot in a large bowl. Add one liter boiling water. Cover with cling film and leave to stand for eight hours.
5) Put vinegar and sugar in saucepan and bring to boil for 3 minutes. Drain shallots from the brine solution. Add to the vinegar and sugar solution. Simmer for five minutes until shallots are transparent yet firm and crispy.
6) Fill sterilized jar 2/3 full of shallot. Pour over cooking liquid adding a few peppercorns to each jar.
7) Remove bubbles inside by turning upside down the partly sealed jar. Cool, seal and store in cool, dark and ventilated place.

Ilocos Shallot Chips

Shallot bulbs free from pest damage, fully matured with well-developed bulbs.

1) Follow first the first the two steps in shallot pickles processing.
2) Peel lightly using mechanical peeler. Clean and remove the excess peel and roots. Wash.
3) Slice the cleaned bulb using mechanical slicer
4) Load in drying trays of a mechanical dryer and dry  at 60°C until 5% moisture is attained.
5) Pack chips in desired container, seal and label. Packing media could be any of the following; glass jar, laminated plastic or aluminum pouch. Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.

Ilocos Shallot Powder
(… a continuation of shallot chips)

Shallot bulbs free from insect damage, fully matured with well-developed bulbs.
Rice flour at 200g/kg shallot powder to reduce caking.

1) Grind the crispy shallot chips in a mechanical pulverizer.
3) Allow the powder to cool at room temperature. Add 200 g rice flour for every kilogram of shallot powder.
3) Pack in desired container. Store…

Ilocos Shallot Confit

Ingredients: 1 kg whole matured shallot bulbs, cleaned and peeled
1 cup sugar; white, brown or muscovado
1 1/4 cups vinegar, white, Iloco or sweet sorghum
Chili, optional

1) Mix all ingredients in a saucepan.
2) Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes or until sauce becomes crystal brown, and the shallots are glazed and dry.
3) Cool the shallot confit. Pack in desired container, seal and label. Store…

For more info, contact:
Dr. Luciana T. Cruz and Dr. Aida D. Solsoloy
Department of Agriculture RFU 1
Ilocos Integrated Agricultural Research Center
DMMMSU Cpd, Sapilang, Bacnotan, La Union
09192519103; 072-719-0189
Product Technology Promotion and Commercialization of Shallot in Region 1
Bureau of Agricultural Research

I got the brochure during the 26th BAR Anniversary Exhibit.

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