How to Make Singkamas / Yam Bean Pickles

1) Prepare five percent brine solution. Place a suitable container on a digital weighing scale. Tare. Measure 25 grams salt. Then pour water gradually to attain total weight of 500 grams. Or, mix one part salt and 19 parts water by weight. Heat just to dissolve all salts.

2) Get singkamas. Remove adhering soils and dirt by washing in several changes of water. Peel off the skin. Cut to desired sizes. The length, shape and thickness similar to french fries is ideal.

singkamas yam bean

3) Arrange singkamas pieces in jars. Fill with brine. Place a small bag of water on top to prevent slices from floating.  Store for three days. Drain and replace with pickling solution – see next step.

singkamas slices in brine

4) Place a suitable container on digital weighing scale. Tare. Measure 150 gram sugar. Then add regular cane vinegar gradually until the weight reaches 500 grams. Or, mix three parts sugar and seven parts vinegar by weight. Heat to near boil and infuse spices wrapped in cotton cloth for five minutes.

water bag to soak yam bean slices

5) Pour pickling solution on fermented singkamas and cover while still hot. It is ready for consumption after three days. The original Brix of pickling solution maybe restored after this period. Measure the original sugar concentration. Measure it again after three days. Drain it off and add sugar to restore the first reading. Or, drain off and replace with a freshly prepared mixture.

Never use lead kettles. Vinegar dissolves harmful lead. Spices can be cinnamon, chili, pepper, ginger etc…

Additional none related info:

1) All plant parts are poisonous except the edible root. Scary!

2) Drink water before eating singkamas. Doing the reverse makes the water taste bad. I wonder why!

3) Storing freshly harvested yam bean for a weak or so allows the development of sweet flavor. A feature similar to yacon.

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