The Siomai and Relative Recipes

Ground meat is compose mainly of trimmings, fatty tissues and perhaps some internal organs. Parts of less value. Reducing further to smaller pieces almost always hide its true identity and deceiving many buyers. Not true when buying specific meat cut and asking the seller to grind it.

The ground meat can be turned to various products by means of little creativity, some manual works and basic meat ingredients. Jump from one recipe to another requires adding and or changing of few ingredients. Take less time learning one recipe and take lesser time learning the other recipe.

Let’s start with the siomai. The basic ingredients are  1) ground meat, 2) minced garlic, 3) minced onions, 4) fine black pepper, 5) paprika and 6) binder – egg and or cornstarch. Sugar, salt, chili and and other flavors can be added. Mix all the ingredients.  Adjust amounts according to taste preference. Add more binder to have a more solid product. Wrap a spoonful in molo wrapper and cook in steamer.

Relative recipes if molo wrapper and steaming are discarded.

1) Meat balls. Take a spoonful of mixture. Roll between palm and deep fry. Dip in favorite sauce and eat.

2) Empanada. Lay the flattened dough on a pastry puff maker. Place enough mixture on center. Close the tool to close the empanada. Lift out the empanada and cut off the excess edges. Deep fry.

3) Siopao. Place a lump on center of flattened dough. Pull all sides upward and toward the center to close the siopao. Steam for 15 minutes.

4) Meat Nuggets. Immitate the size and shape of chicken nuggets using both hands. Then roll on flour, dip in beaten egg and cover with bread crumbs. Deep fry and serve.

5) Skinless longanisa. Make the mixture sweeter. Produce rolls about the size of man’s point finger. Wrap every roll in cellopane or fry immediately.

6) Longanisa. Add more pork backfat and stuff into hog casing. Divide by placing ties at specific intervals.

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