The Bite Size Siopao Tokwa

This was the second installment of siopao making practice. Practice makes perfect and failure should be omitted from the dictionary.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup margarine
1 tsp baking powder
1 piece tokwa

I cut the tokwa to six pieces then deep fried. These served as siopao fillings. This was my second try. I still never wanted wasting expensive meat ingredients in  case something went wrong. Bought the tokwa for ten pesos per three blocks – about 3.33 pesos per block.

fried tokwa

I mixed all the ingredients. Added water gradually while mixing until it reached the dough like consistency. Then shifted to hand kneading. Took additional flour as necessary until the dough almost never stick to hands and table surface.

While kneading, I was digging shallow holes on dough using fingers. Holes that never rise back are sign of well done dough – as seen on several demonstrations.

I still used the brown sugar to defy the traditional siopao white color. However, the addition of margarine overpower the brown sugar and gave a yellowish color. I refrained from using instant yeast since my previous try failed to leaven.

I divided the dough to six portions. Rolled each in  between palms and flatten with a rolling pin. Fried tokwa were wrapped with it. Then cooked in steamer for 15 minutes.

bite size siopao tokwa

My second siopao trial went well. The bread taste and texture were almost similar to commercially available siopao. Fried tokwa is best with soy sauce and calamansi mix. So I use it as sauce and the bite size siopao tokwa tasted great.

bite size siopao tofu cross section

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  1. you can probably use baking soda instead of yeast. the end product might not be the same as dough made with yeast, but you can experiment to see how much baking soda can be used without compromising the taste or the texture of the food

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