How To Make Sweetened Green Mango Strips / Dried Mango

Someone invented the yellow mango sauce and then the green mango sauce. A friend of mine is making a green mango wine. Both green mango products are delectable and popular export commodities. A sweetened ripe mango is already popular here and abroad. I thought a sweetened green mango is good tasting too. Someone might invented it already – tell me who you are. I gonna try it anyway. Here is my very own version.

sweetened green mango strips

1) Select mature green mangoes. Avoid mixing rare ripe and yellow ripe. Doing so will result to uneven end product texture.

2) Remove the skin by using sharp knife or fruit peeler.

3) Make slices about five millimeters thick. Doing uniform slices is difficult. Just make sure that each piece has maximum thickness of five millimeters. Uneven thickness will make cooking time longer and might result to uneven texture.

4) Measure two cups water and five tablespoon sugar for every cup of mango slices. Sugar amount and type can be change according to your health and taste preference.

5) Place all the ingredients in a stainless pot and bring to slow boil. Continue boiling until all the mango slices become semi transparent – it should be uniform. Sugar should penetrate into mango slices. Sufficient penetration is indicated by uniform transparency.

6) Remove the pot from fire and strain the mango slices. Do not overcook. Too soft might no be good.

7) Cool.

The sweetened green mango strips can now be eaten. It has a traditional mango taste in a sweet and sour blend.

If a dried green mango is desired, dry the strips under the sun or oven. A complete procedure for making dried mango and papaya can be applied.

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  1. Hello Marvin, thank you for posting this. I want to make this for someone who has been searching for these sweetened green mangos for a long time, but all green mangos that I know of have yellow or orange flesh inside. How do you get that green color on the flesh of the fruit? Can you maybe post a link to an example of the type of mango that you use or a photo of the sliced fruit before boiling? Thanks!

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