The Sweetened Macapuno (makapuno)

A matured coconut has water but not full. It creates a noise when shaken. Sounds like shaking a jar half filled with water. But some coconut failed to create such noise. Failure could mean two things. Either the coconut is spoiled (bulok, mabaho) or it is macapuno.

The word macapuno or makapuno was coined from the Tagalog word “puno”, which which means filled, no spare space. It does not mean a coconut is filled with water. The coconut is filled with a very soft endosperm, no extra space for water.

macapuno coconut

My previous Horticulture Professor told us the makapuno is a mutant coconut in English term. It has no ability to germinate unless the embryo is removed and reared in a control laboratory condition, in test tubes.

There are two makapuno coconut tree in my father’s farm. We always look for makapuno every harvest time. Only two makapuno can be gathered per bunch. The instance of three is very rare. We get a regular fruit most of the time. Getting none is common.

In urban cities, makapuno is only seen as ice cream flavor. The rare ube macapuno and ube langka ice cream.  Am I right?

Father harvested coconut last week. He was lucky and got two macapuno coconut. Mom tried to cook one but it was spoiled. She just left the other one untouched. The next day, my niece asked mom when will she cook the last macapuno piece. Mom replied she had no money to buy sugar (Hmmm.. cheezy!) I grabbed the coconut and volunteered to cook it.

The ingredient list:
one regular size macapuno
1/4 kilogram washed sugar
3/4 cup water

The procedure:
1) Scoop out all the macapuno flesh. Make the pieces small by mashing it with a spoon.
2) Place all ingredients in stainless pot and bring to slow boil for 30 minutes.
3) Stir occasionally to prevent scorching.

sweetened makapuno macapuno

The sweetened macapuno is very yummy. It can be eaten as is or as spread to bread buns and biscuits. The uncooked endosperm taste like virgin coconut oil with slightly sweet taste. The sweetened version taste like a combination of virgin coconut oil and bukayo.

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  1. Hi, I’m a food engineering student (yes meron po nun, hindi lang food tech). It is true na popular na ang macapuno products ngayon pero puro ito made from macapuno meat. Kailangan po kasi namin ng product development using macapuno water. knowing na konti nga lang po yung sabaw ng makapuno, minsan wala pa yata, medyo mahihirapan yata kami. Ano po kayang pwedeng gawing product out of macapuno water.

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