How to Make Synthetic Soy Sauce and Vinegar


Have you ever wonder how to mass produce vinegar and soy sauce as easy as 1… 2… 3… Follow this steps. Those cheap products available on grocery shelves are made by means of these processes.


1 cup union sauce
1750 ml water
½ cup salt
¼ cup vetsin
1 tsp I.M.P.

Procedures: Mix all the ingredients in hot water. Pack in sterilized bottles and pasteurized.


875 ml cane crystalline
875 ml water
1 tsp booster for cloudy vinegar
1 tsp caramel color for cane vinegar

Procedures: Mix all the ingredients in hot water. Pack in sterilized bottles and pasteurized

The only problem is the source of ingredients. Products made with these procedures are very affordable and sell like hotcakes. The natural process of making soy sauce and vinegar take longer, require a lot of labor and more pricey but if you consider your health, which process do you prefer?




  • is it not prohibited to use cane crystalline, acetic etc ..

  • what is I.M.P??

  • i want to make chilli sauce with only chilli power if u have related recipe plz send me via email

  • i m facing a problem in the storage of synthetic vinegar . vinegar lose its taste from upper side of container and remained ok from bottom plz if u have any solution contect me via email

  • what is the acronym I.M.P means?

  • What is union sauce?

    • I already defined the term I.M.P. somewhere in this blog. I forgot where it is and forgot what it is either. Maybe it was deleted when this website experienced erratic operations. Attending Negoskwela in Quezon City may enlighten you about this matter. I am going to inform you ASAP once I found what you are looking for.

      Union sauce is a concentrated soy sauce.

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