How to Make Native Chocolate Tabliya Jelly

tabliya jelly

1 pack 24 grams Mr. Gulaman gelatin or any similar product
2 tablets pure tabliya cacao, 29 grams
1 can small evaporated milk, 154 ml
6 tablespoons refined sugar

a pack of mr gulaman

1) Place two pure tabliya tablets and one liter water in a pot. Cover and bring to slow boil for 30 minutes to one hour.
2) Add evaporated milk and refined sugar. Adjust according to your taste preference.
3) Sprinkle the gelatin to mixture slowly while stirring.
4) Continue stirring for five minutes to dissolve the gelatin completely.
5) Remove from fire. Pour into moulds. Cool and refrigerate before serving.

cooking tablea chocolate in hot boiling water

prepared hot chocolate mixed with mr gulaman

tabliya jelly


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