Tabliya Chocolate Sauce for Suman

Some of my friends keep on insisting that tabliya is a good sauce for suman. I wanted to try but suman is only available once a year. That is during All Saints Day. Some areas are making suman all year round because it is an integral part of their culture. Other do it as source of income. Unfortunately, we only make suman during the All Saints season. Several seasons have passed, several seasons of forgetfulness.

The idea is – measure equal amounts of sugar and tabliya. Cook it with small portion of water until sticky. The consistency should be close to mayonnaise. Adjust tabliya amount for  chocolate flavor. Adjust sugar for sweetness. Adjust water amount for fluidity.

I was lucky this year. I remembered the idea of tabliya chocolate sauce for suman. I told my better half about it. She refused several times. She was insisting that chocolate and rice cake are not good combination.

I won the argument. She made about half cup sauce. She tried it and was very amazed. She said several times that it was very delectable.

suman and tabliya chocolate sauce

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