Tokwa't Saging

Tokwa’t baboy is a real deal. I can take down three cups of rice in couple of minutes. Fried pork carries the main flavor, especially the back fat. The right mix of spicy vinegar sauce makes the viand more exciting.

How about the tokwa? I never like eating tokwa alone, without the fried pork and spicy vinegar. It simply taste bland. It only borrows flavor form the surrounding food, from pork and vinegar.

Too much pork is unhealthy. Every bite means extra load of bad cholesterol. On the other hand, tokwa in excess in still healthy, unless it is loaded with unwanted chemicals or the eater has some sort of allergic reactions. So serving the recipe often is not recommended. A healthier menu remake is a must.

The first thing that came to my mind was saba banana. It can be fried, like pork. I did the tokwa’t baboy recipe but I omitted the pork. I used saba banana instead. Sliced ripe saba into halves. Fried until golden brown. Chopped and mixed with the rest.

I tasted the saba and tokwa separately. Their flavors seemed contradicting. I dipped both in spicy vinegar sauce then munched together with the rice. Their combined flavor was great!

tokwa at saging


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