How to Make Tomato Puree and Concentrate

The pulp-based concentrate product may be classified in puree (10 Brix°), simple (16 Brix°), double (29 Brix°) and triple (30-32 Brix°) concentrate. The double and triple concentrates are prepared by means of vacuum evaporators.

Raw materials
– Fresh ripe tomatoes
– Salt, optional

Materials and Equipment
– The same as those used to prepare tomato juice.

To prepare the puree, proceed as follows:
– Proceed as in the recipe for the preparation of tomato juice (without adding lemon juice) until the juice is extracted.
– Place the pot with the juice back on the fire and let it concentrate until it reaches 10 Brix°, stirring with a wooden spoon every now and then to prevent the mixture from sticking.
– Once 10 Brix° have been reached, add 1% salt, dissolve and remove the pot from the fire.
– Fill the bottles to the top with hot puree and cover.
– Sterilize the bottles as indicated in the procedure to make tomato sauce.

To prepare the simple concentrate, proceed as follows:

– Concentrate the product until 16 Brix° is reached.
– Add 2% salt, dissolve and remove from the fire.
– Fill the bottles or jars with the hot product and cover them.
– This product must be sterilized. Proceed as indicated in the recipe for the preparation of tomato sauce.
– Label the containers and seal the jar lids with adhesive tape.
– Once the container is opened, keep in the refrigerator.


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