Lawmakers Imposed A Ban On Toy In McDonald's Happy Meal

Do you know why McDonald’s Happy Meal is called such? They tend to make children happy – a free toy will surely make a child smile. What could be the possible reasons if I was mistaken? Every child capable of thinking will opt for a happy meal. They are thinking more of toys than the meal itself. They might not be interested in eating the food at all.

The reign of Happy Meal might soon be over. California officials passed a law banning the inclusion of toy inside food packages. I think the word “happy” is not appropriate if the toy is not included. How can it make a child smile?mc donald happy meal toy

Not all Happy Meals are included in ban list, only those with more than 485 calories, 60 mg of salt and high amount of fat. If we look in a wider perspective, escape from ruling is easy. Lower the amount of calories, salt and fat and the happy meals can still have toys with it. A healthier happy meal with a bonus toy and healthier body.

Who knows Philippine lawmakers might also pass a law to ban toys in food packages (I hope they should). Many junk foods include a small toy as part of a very tempting marketing strategy. I am not saying McDonald’s Happy Meals are junk. Maybe they are not the healthier choice.

One third of American children are obese and America is among the most overweight countries. The recent action of California lawmakers is part of the movement to fight childhood obesity.

If the toy is a major factor in children’s buying decision, then it could also be used for promoting healthy foods. A child would be inspired to eat kalabasa, carrots, lima beans, cabbage, pechay and the bitter ampalaya. Try it!

image was a screen shot from mcdonald ph web

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