The Turmeric Salted Egg, The Update

Yesterday, September 3, the 12th day, the day I should harvest the turmeric salted egg. So I did.

chicken turmeric salted eggsObservations:

1. The resulting color is not as deep as what I saw on WOFEX 2013. Maybe it should be colored with an artificial dye. Anyway, pale yellow is enough to distinguish it from the others.

2. Boiling the egg removes the turmeric shade ending to a dirty white finish. Adding turmeric during boil is an option to retain the pale yellow appearance.

3. Shell deformation was evident. I could not tell what was the cause.

4. After boiling, the white was jelly soft and the yolk was a bit hard and powdery.

5. One egg was cracked and the others where perfectly whole. Perhaps it was a mechanical damage after transferring the container from one place to another or due to salt absorption.

6. Egg white was too salty while the yolk had a nice taste. Cracked and whole eggs had no taste differences. I expected the first to be saltier.

turmeric salted eggs opened7. Turmeric flavor was slightly perceptible. Too much saltiness overpowered it.

8. For future trials, the brine should be lightened or the curing period shortened.


Jump here and learn how to color the egg golden yellow.

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