Food Trippings: Cornik, Banana Turon, Uraro Cookies and Suman Pinipig

Banana Turon

I have been  eating turon these passed few days. Sister-in-law is cooking banana turon for sale. Eating a freshly cooked turon is really enjoyable. People in our area are always requesting reservations a day before.

Cooking turon is easy. Slice ripe banana length wise – make it five parts. The purpose is to increase the surface area for fast cooking. Roll each slice on brown sugar. Wrap with lumpia wrapper.  Place frying pan with cooking oil over a low flame. Put some brown sugar and wait until it float. Fry the turon until golden brown.

banana turon

Uraro Cookies

I have never seen uraro personally. I think it is a relative of gabi – an edible root with a bland taste and a bit itchy on tongue.

Uraro is popular in Quezon Province. One of their popular product is uraro cookies. The image below are uraro cookies. They look like an icing but they are indeed cookies. Perhaps the mold they are using is icing dispenser.

You need a lot of water when eating this. Very yummy but it gonna make your mouth dry and feel thirsty.

I never know how to make this one! Someone please tell me how!

quezon uraro cookies


She brought home this cornick. She said it came from Ilocos. She added that this is not an ordinary cornick because Ilocos is popular for this product.

I felt no difference between this one and the one I bought from town plaza. Maybe both came from the same source, Ilocos!

I never know how to make this one! Someone please tell me how!


Suman Pinipig

I never know what it is, really! I just called it suman pinipig because the seller told us it was made out of pinipig. The shape looks like suman but it is wrapped only with cellophane.

I cannot recognized the pinipig taste though. Maybe it is masked by sugar and roasted coconut toppings.

I know how to make suman but I have never tried suman pinipig yet!

sumang pinipig

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