Using Powdered Purple Yam to Make Ube Halaya

I made powdered purple yam by sun drying method. Ube were sliced to thin pieces, washed, placed under the heat of sun until crunchy then milled using steel burr mill.

I noticed the loss of color after drying. I wondered if the color would still develop during the cooking process. Would it be suitable for processing ube halaya?

Ube halaya is made by boiling yam tuberous roots to tenderness. Adding sugar, evaporated milk and condensed milk. Then cooking over medium flame with continuous stirring until very tacky or the mixture sticks to spoon and barely falls.


1) In a large pan, I put 250 grams ube powder, 200 grams condensed milk, 250 grams sugar and a generous amount of water. I added water gradually while stirring until the powders were swimming freely.

ube powder water sugar milk mixture

Adding water just to achieved a dough-like consistency did not work out well. It prevented the proper heat transfer and did not allow gelatinization of starch.

2) I set the flame low to prevent scorching. Stirred the mixture continually until it reaches the expected ube halaya consistency, hard to stir and a large clump stick to spoon.

end point ube halaya

3) Placed the lump on margarine coated plate. Then shaped and smoothen the surface immediately with the aid of margarine coated cellophane. Sorry! My hands were not fast enough to get rid of rough surfaces.

discolored ube halaya

I got a perfect ube halaya texture and taste but failed to achieved the expected color. The color must be preserved during drying or an artificial color should be added during cooking.

P.S Maja ube can be made without addition of cornstarch and or rice powder. I got a portion in the middle of cooking process. It’s texture was similar to maja blanca recipe.

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