Ubeng Kalabaw – The White to Brown Colored Purple Yam

What is the color of purple yam? The question is silly! The obvious answer is purple. The name is purple yam cause the root crop flesh color is purple.It might not be silly! There are varieties with a different color – white to brown colored yam.

white brown purple yam

We call this variety as ubeng kalabaw. The vine and root formation are similar to purple yam. Ubeng kalabaw grow bigger, about two times the size. Resistant to pest and diseases and commonly found in the wilds. Few farmers are interested in mass production because it has a low market value.

ubeng kalabaw in sacks

The crop can also be made to ube haleya using the same set of ingredients and procedure. A purple dye will make the color purple. It sets fast after cooking. Shaping it on plate should be done in haze or else, a crackly and rough appearance will result.

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