Pinaasiman na Uguraming Dagat

She noticed the slices of dried santol peels. She knEw that I need to put it to a test so she volunteered to do the honor. Her test recipe was “Pinaasiman na Uguraming Dagat”. Uguraming dagat is a fish – a fish with unfamiliar taste to me. She said the fish taste is good. Here is her recipe anyway.

6 uguraming dagat
1 whole dried santol peels, bangkok variety
1 cup water
2 onions, sliced
2 teaspoons salt

Arrange the fish in a cooking vessel. Add water and the rest of ingredients. Cover and bring to slow boil for 15 minutes.

The soup taste is perfect. I can conclude that santol peels can be dry and use for cooking. Sweet santol is also fit for this purpose. In fact I used sweet bangkok. The sour variety will probably give more sour flavor.

How about the fish? The fish taste is good but tilapia is far better.

I gonna dry all santol peels that cross our dining table.

cooked uguraming dagat

uguraming dagat on plate with rice

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