Unsweetened Banana Chips From Saba Banana Rejects

The two to three bottom end hands of saba banana are considered rejects. They are rejects because they are smaller than the rest of banana and usually contain less fingers. They are not included in sale cause they tend to make the whole batch price lower.

reject saba banana

The three bottom ends are called “puto”. Puto ng saging is pronounced differently than puto – the Filipino rice cake similar to muffins.  The two “puto” syllables are pronounced very fast with a  quick stop.

Rejects are usually left behind to ripe and eaten, to rot or as feed to animals – horses and cows. This time I got three banana hands. All of them are rejects. The three hands are left behind after my brother sold his harvest.

Lets make unsweetened banana chips from it!

1) Cut both ends and peel with a knife. Insert the knife from one side and remove the peel by twisting the inserted knife gently.  Always use a stainless steel knife, steel knives leave a dark spots on banana.

2) Soak peeled banana in clean water to prevent discoloration and remove latex.

peeling of saba banana

3) Slice thinly and uniformly. Crosswise or lengthwise. Uniformity can be achieved by using a banana slicer, a food processor or a knife with a cutting guide like the one below.

guided knife for slicing banana

4) Also, soak the sliced banana in water to prevent discoloration. Drain it for about five minutes before frying.

5) Put cooking oil in cooking vessel. Set the flame to high and wait until it slightly emits smoke. Drop enough sliced bananas. Stir to prevent sticking together of slices. Then set the flame to low after two minutes.

frying of banana chips

6) Take one chip at regular interval to check. Cooking is done once the banana chips are crispy. Another way to determine is by its color. Cooked banana chips are golden brown. Once done, take out from oil immediately and place in a strainer to drain excess oil.

draining of recently fried banana chips

How unsweetened banana chips taste?  Just try it!

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