Using Ground Coffee for the Second Time

For a great cup of coffee, use a freshly roasted ground on every cup.

Someone went near the plastic sealing machine and closed a polyethylene bags full of coffee tablets. The coffee tablets – flattened tablet like coffee from espresso machine. A waste product of coffee making.

coffee tablets from espresso machineWhat are you going to do with the used coffee grounds? Take it home and use for making hot coffee. It is not as good as fresh but still have strong good taste when boiled.

For regular coffee drinkers who are not particular with flavor, a set of grounds can be used two to three times. The lack of flavor is masked by one to three teaspoon sugar. The drinker is only after the coffee wakening effect and not the flavor itself. Specially true for evening sessions, overnight works, night parties and funeral ceremony. Or their taste buds are not as sensitive as connoisseur.

The barista previously working at Figaro Coffee Shop told me. Used coffee grounds are still useful. Many customers are buying it. They are applying it as fertilizer/mulch to plants. Though he never sure if anyone is cooking it for the second time.

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