The Fight Against Bt Eggplant

Bt eggplant has Bt gene intended to fight fruit and shoot borer. It is the same Bt gene inserted in popular BT corn. The GE plant is expected to lower pesticide inputs, increase yield and give more income to farmers. I cannot include “helps stabilize food security” cause it is not considered as staple food. Corn is considered as staple food, good rice alternative.

According to Greenpeace Bt eggplant: 1) Can be an aggressive and problematic weed, threatening to overpower similar varieties. Other varieties might get contaminated through cross pollination. 2) Is not proven safe and pose risks to human health.  Rats fed with Bt eggplant showed signs of kidney and liver toxicity after 90 days.

I found this image on Facebook. A poster created and shared to Facebook users. It tells, bt eggplant has negative effects on liver, kidney and blood or rats; liver and blood of rabbit; blood of goat and udder of cow.

from green peace bt eggplantGreenpeace won the case against field testing of BT eggplant here in the Philippines, See “Greenpeace wins landmark GE eggplant court case“. The said plant may be banned permanently, see “Group optimistic ‘BT’ talong to be permanently banned”.

For GMO promoters, farmers, sellers and buyers – anything not proven harmful is safe. On the point of view of environmentalist and anti-gmo – anything not proven safe is harmful.

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