She brought home this unfamiliar leafy vegetable. As I thought, she bought it because of someone convincing her it is not only good tasting but great for the health too.

The makeup is like pechay Baguio but the color is as dark as brocolli. It smells like and literally tastes like grass with bitter and spicy notes. I felt nostalgic the days we used to play cows, chewing grasses as if we were real ruminants.


She made a smoothy but then realized she could not drink it. The taste was too strong for her taste buds. Then, diluted it with water and added a bit of sugar. It became more palatable but the strong grassy taste was still there.

kale smoothie

After a day, the smoothie taste better. I am starting to enjoy it, I think. There might be some kind of reaction that help improve flavor. Or, maybe, my taste buds is getting acquainted with it.

Web results say it is indeed nutritious. Full packed with health benefits that I will not rewrite here. However, no article said it taste delicious. This is no news. Healthy vegetables are noted  for their bland to unpleasant taste. Bitter gourd, radish, mustard, lettuce and pechay are examples.

It is called kale. It belongs to cabbage family. A popular vegetable that was recently introduced to me.

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