Lugaw na Mais, White Corn Porridge

white corn

The usual main ingredient for making lugaw (rice porridge) is rice but this report from Jessica Soho can convince you to cook a different kind of lugaw recipe.

The couple Magdalena and Domingo in Ilagan, Isabela is cooking a different kind of lugaw, they are using matured white corn instead of glutenous rice. They discovered the recipe during time of calamity. They are also eating corn porridge when they are short of budget.

These are the methods for making lugaw na mais:

1. Pound mature corn kernel using lusong, a big wooden mortar and pestle.
2. Bring water to boil. Add ground corn and continue boiling until soft.
3. Add salt to taste.

I am sure that ingredients for arrozcaldo, goto and other kind of lugaw can be added to this recipe.

white corn


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