How to Make Chinese Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi can also be made from Chinese cabbage. I got this brochure at Benguet State University, La Trinidad Benguet. Kimchi is one of the five world’s most healthful foods.

Kimchi Benefits:
1) Helps in digestion and boosts immunity system.
2) Contains 10-100 times higher amount of lactic acid than yogurt, fights germs; cures intestinal disorders; and aids in preventing /fighting lung/stomach and colon cancer.
3) Increases metabolic rate; lowers cholesterol level.
4) Has anti-aging properties.
5) Contains vitamin A, B, C, calcium, and dietary fiber.


Are you interested in making Chinese Cabbage Kimchi? Here are the ingredients you need: Chinese cabbage, 3 kg Radish,  300g Paste: all-purpose flour 30g , water 3/4 cup Spice: onion leek -45g, onion bulb-150g, garlic-45g, chili powder-90g , sugar-30g and salt-60gThen, follow the procedures.1) Wash Chinese cabbage thoroughly; cut into halves; sprinkle salts on center; and soak overnight in brine (3 kg water plus 300g salt).2) Remove Chinese cabbage from brine solution and wash three times to remove salt. Drain well.3) Prepare the paste by mixing flour and water and heat until it looks like paste. Cool and set aside.4) Prepare the spices: cut radish, onion leeks and onion bulb into fine strips; mince the garlic; combine all in a basin adding chili powder, sugar, salt and paste. Mix well.5) Rub the mixture thoroughly all over the Chinese cabbage; put in a container without cutting; and ferment for three days at room temperature.6) Cut into bite sizes and pack in air-tight container; seal, label, and store in refrigerator.If you want more information you can contact BSU Food Processing Center at 422-2402 local 42.__

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  1. I have seen in the television programme TLC & I first time came to know the recepi KIMCHI.I shall be grateful if you tell me in detail how this KIMCHI prepared.Whether it is spicy as seen from the red colour chily.

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