Veggies Every Lunch

I requested her to prepare an all vegetable dish every meal time all the time. She looked at me with a puzzled mind. It seemed my request was a hard thing to accomplish.

After weeks to months of insisting. I realized it is indeed hard for her. She lowered the amount of meat in every menu but rarely serving a rice and vegetable only dish. The thing she is often doing is replacing it with fish (unknown species in most cases).

So to satisfy my want, I am only buying vegetable as viand every lunch, whenever I am at office work. It’s a veggie meal every lunch four times a week.

I already memorized all the vegetable dish our favorite canteen is preparing. They are as follows;  tawge, ampalaya, puso, kankong, sitaw, pakbet, lumpiang sariwa, labong, and chopsuey.

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